Tsadra Foundation has expanded its activity beyond the grant-giving program areas into direct operational activity in order to develop enhanced resources to assist the work of translators, meditators, and other students. We have an active Research Department that provides support for our community of translators. The Foundation regularly organizes meetings and conferences for those involved in this important work. And we have established a Digital Publications Department pursuing the latest technology in developing and publishing new digital study tools and a digital library. The following sections lay out some of this work.

We have also included a "Tools" section, in which you will find links to online dictionaries, Tibetan and Sanskrit fonts, and links to pursue research.

Digital Publications

  Tibetan Classics for Tablets

  Tibetan Digital Publications / Library

Conferences and Meetings

Research Department

  Tsadra Foundation Research Department

  Digital Research Library

  Tsadra Foundation Blog

  Treasury of Precious Instructions Wiki

Buddha Nature Wiki

Tools and Useful Links

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